Louisiana Appleseed Selects Kean Miller LLP for Good Apple Award

Kean Miller LLP is pleased to announce that the firm has been selected for the Louisiana Appleseed "Good Apple" award.  The award recognizes the firm's dedication to a pro bono project on dating violence prevention.  Kean Miller LLP and Louisiana Appleseed designed the Abuse Prevention Through Education project to bring statewide attention to the prevention of relationship abuse through education of Louisiana youth.  In addition, Kean Miller LLP and Louisiana Appleseed co-hosted a roundtable discussion on dating violence prevention.  Over 50 educators, judges, public officials, attorneys, and domestic violence advocates attended. 

Kean Miller LLP attorneys helped research, draft, and pass legislation that requires dating violence prevention be taught in all Louisiana high schools.  The legislation was sponsored by Representative Nita Hutter.  The award will be given at the Louisiana Appleseed gala in New Orleans on January 20, 2011.

The Kean Miller LLP team working on the project included team leader Linda Perez Clark, Eric Lockridge, Katie Bell, Erin Kilgore, Shannan Rieger, Julie Silbert, Amanda Howard, Lou Grossman, and Jim Doré.

About Kean Miller LLP

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