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Culture and Collaboration You haven’t worked your whole career to fight with your partners.

Formed more than 35 years ago by nine attorneys who knew there was a better way to practice law, our culture is defined by collegial, collaborative relationships among attorneys, a non-negotiable dedication to client service, and a commitment to the communities where we live and work. Today, we are growing in all our markets and seeking like-minded lawyers who want to get back to what matters most — serving clients in an environment where attorneys are friends first, and business partners second. If this sounds like a better way to practice law, talk with us.

Value Versus Rates You haven’t worked your entire career to be priced out of the market by your own firm.

Clients want results, but they also want value — especially now. At Kean Miller, we understand that every client relationship is unique. Our partners enjoy a great deal of autonomy in setting rates for clients, undertaking engagements in alternative ways, and demonstrating value to clients beyond the billable hour. If you’re struggling to justify rates and articulate the value you provide to your clients, talk with us.

Support Systems That Support You You haven’t worked your whole career to be harnessed to an administrative plow.

The practice of law is tough and demanding. At Kean Miller, we provide our partners with robust support systems designed to allow you to do what you do best — practice law at a high level. Our management team is focused on providing you with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, financial and accounting professionals, marketing and business development support, human resources solutions, and talent and practice development opportunities. If you find yourself spending more time on administrative tasks than exceeding your clients’ expectations, talk with us.

1 Partner Lost to a
Competing Law Firm in
more than 35 years
0 Practice Groups Who
Have Left the Firm
in more than 35 years
"Working at Kean Miller is one of those careers everyone hopes to have. When I accepted the offer, I knew that I was joining a sophisticated and competent law firm. Additionally, I knew that I was not only joining a firm that worked hard but, also a firm that appreciates and promotes family and the importance of giving back to the community."
- Tammy Scelfo, Partner, Lafayette Office
"With offices in all Louisiana metropolitan areas as well as in Texas, Kean Miller's lawyers can service all client needs along the Gulf Coast. With the Lafayette office of attorneys centrally located along this geographic corridor along the Gulf Coast, we are uniquely positioned to service our energy, marine, and offshore client base as well as provide support to our clients in all other areas of the law through our team of lawyers here throughout Louisiana and in Texas."
- Robert Kallam, Partner, Lafayette Office
"Joining Kean Miller as an Associate has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling opportunities of my career. The firm is welcoming and respectful and takes pride in its work and its attorneys, with a focus on growth and exceptional work."
- Jourdan Curet, Associate, Baton Rouge Office
"The best thing about Kean Miller is the support and feeling I get when I walk in the doors each day. The people that I work with on a daily basis are more than just others in my office, they are teammates and supporters of each other and myself."
- David Pearson, Network Engineer, Baton Rouge Office
Explore The Kean Miller Way

At Kean Miller, a well-rounded lawyer is one who gives back through civic, community, and bar service. Learn more about our commitment to the communities where we live and work.


In business and in the law, diverse and inclusive teams consistently make better decisions. Dive into our statistics, diversity programs, and Mansfield Certification.

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Our firm and attorneys are consistently recognized for outstanding achievements by client, business, legal, and industry organizations. Explore what others think of Kean Miller.

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We understand that the decision to change your professional home is an important one. If you’re interested in exploring the Kean Miller way, we invite you to contact one of our team members listed below in the way that is most comfortable to you. We’re happy to speak with you on a completely confidential basis to see if our interests and values align.

Linda Perez Clark Managing Partner Direct: (225) 389-3714 Cell: (225) 937-8732
Steve Boutwell Chief Operating Officer Direct: (225) 389-3736 Cell: (225) 281-2420
Mary Coghlan Chief Human Resources Officer Direct: (225) 382-3488 Cell: (225) 993-9854
Kean Miller. Your Counsel.

When clients need sound legal advice, they want more than words in a memo. Clients deserve attorneys who understand their business, industry, and goals. At Kean Miller, we deliver more than words. We provide meaningful counsel clients can count on. If this sounds like a culture in which you can thrive, talk with us.