Kean Miller Receives Human Rights Award from the Louisiana State Bar Association

Kean Miller was selected as the 2012 recipient of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Human Rights Award on June 7, 2012.  The award recognizes the firm’s many contributions in promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, and in particular, efforts with the Kean Miller Connection and Diversity Forum to ensure the full and equal opportunity of all persons for entry and advancement in Louisiana's legal profession. The award was accepted on behalf of the firm by Linda Perez Clark, Chair of the firm’s Diversity Council, at the Annual Meeting General Assembly.  

Diversity at Kean Miller:

From its inception, the attorneys at Kean Miller have recognized the value of diverse ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds. We are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion, not only within the firm, but in the communities where we live and work. The best evidence of this commitment is found in our statistics. Kean Miller has one of the highest percentages of women attorneys and women partners of any major law firm in Louisiana and rank among Louisiana firms having the highest percentages of minority attorneys. Currently we have 41% women attorneys and 11% minority attorneys. Among partners, 24% are women and 8% are minorities.   The firm developed an active Diversity Council in 2004 to promote diversity awareness and initiatives within the firm and the community. The Diversity Council includes attorneys from several practice areas, and representatives from our Management Committee, Recruiting Committee, Client Services team and Human Resources team. Kean Miller is a member of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and participates in the many activities of the association.

About Kean Miller Connection

The Kean Miller Connection is a two-day law school preparatory program for minority college students. Attorneys from the firm, along with others, provide an intense overview of the law school experience. The goal is to "connect" students with information helpful to their decision to attend law school and become an attorney. Eligibility requirements include:  Members of a group traditionally underrepresented in law school and the law practice; Minimum GPA of 3.0; Completed at least 45 college credits; Must be a Louisiana resident.
The sixth-annual Kean Miller Connection program will be held Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20, 2012 in the Kean Miller Conference Center in Baton Rouge. The program will include:  Guidance on law school admissions; Mock law school classes; Career options overview; Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) review and materials; Networking with practicing attorneys; Free tuition; Breakfast and lunches are provided at no cost to participants. 

The application deadline is July 6, 2012.

About Kean Miller

With 130 lawyers, Kean Miller serves the legal needs of Louisiana businesses and Fortune 500 companies. The firm maintains offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lake Charles, Louisiana and is the largest law firm in the Greater Baton Rouge region. The firm serves clients in numerous industries including energy, petrochemical and chemical, technology and telecommunications, transportation, media and advertising, financial services, insurance, gaming, government and education, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, construction and leasing.   The firm combines the talent and expertise of its lawyers into multi-disciplinary client and industry teams. These teams are comprised of seasoned legal professionals from a variety of disciplines who are equipped to identify legal and business needs and to develop superior service strategies that provide unmatched support to the client.

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