Innovation & Continuous Improvement

At its core, Process Improvement and Project Management ("PI&PM") helps law firms deliver greater value and better counsel. PI&PM helps develop the right approaches to carry out a certain type of legal work to produce efficiency, excellent quality, predictability, and successful outcomes. PI&PM is not just about doing more with less; it is about doing the right things and doing them right - every single time. Kean Miller has embraced PI&PM and has conducted process mapping and improvement exercises with clients and internal client teams. More than 60 of our attorneys have been trained by the Legal Lean Institute.

Kean Miller's Innovation 2020 program encourages lawyers and staff to think differently. Our firm is dedicated to finding new ways to approach old problems and processes. We provide economic credit to attorneys who devote substantial time and effort to creating more efficient and effective means of delivering legal services to our clients. From technology applications to using common sense, we provide innovative counsel designed to move you and your business forward.