Client Service

At Kean Miller, meaningful counsel and superior client service are inextricably linked. From robust client feedback programs to creative fee agreements, and from innovative thinking to continuous improvement, we are committed to ensuring that each client's experience with our firm exceeds their expectations.

Kean Miller has been recognized by BTI Consulting Group as one of the nation's foremost in providing unparalleled client service during the coronavirus pandemic.  The survey participants rated outside law firms on a range of client service activities, including deeply understanding the client's business, uniformity of service, handling unexpected changes, proactive communication, and anticipating client needs.  The findings revealed that across the country, 70 law firms improved client service at more than twice the rate of other firms and responded confidently and mobilized effectively during times of local, regional, and global uncertainty.  Our attorneys continue to grow our client relationships through readiness, responsiveness, and exceptional client service.

Our client service approach is closely aligned with many of the most innovative initiatives required by today's corporate counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Legal Operations professionals, and Legal Procurement departments. This alignment includes thoughtful and timely responses to RFPs; attention to diversity and inclusion in our firm and in the work performed for the client; technology and compliance that exceeds standards; and unique financial partnerships based not on cost, but on value.