Firm Management

Linda Perez Clark is Kean Miller's Managing Partner. She works closely with a five-member Management Committee and is assisted by our General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Facilities and Records Officer, and Recruiting Partners.

Linda Perez Clark
Linda Perez Clark Managing Partner 225.387.0999
Lana D. Crump
Lana D. Crump General Counsel 225.382.3435
Steven R. Boutwell
Steven R. Boutwell Chief Operating Officer O: 225.389.3736 C: 225.281.2420
Kennon S. Breaux
Kennon S. Breaux Chief Financial Officer 225.382.4638
Mary Coghlan
Mary Coghlan Chief Human Resources Officer 225.382.3488
Damian P. Burdette
Damian P. Burdette Chief Information Officer 225.382.3422
Kim Daugherty
Kim Daugherty Chief Facilities and Records Officer 225.382.4607
Recruiting Partners
Randy Cangelosi
Randy Cangelosi (Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Houston and The Woodlands) 225.389.3723
Claire Juneau
Claire Juneau (New Orleans and Shreveport) 504.620.3194