Trucking and Transportation

From I-10 to I-20, we have the legal resources to handle trucking and transportation issues.


Kean Miller represents industry clients and independent trucking companies in a wide variety of trucking and transportation issues. We have experience in administrative and regulatory proceedings, accidents and collisions, truck roll-over incidents, chemical spills, class action defense, crashworthiness, loading and operations, discharges, employment, contract driver issues, breach of contract, and business and corporate activities. . From I-10 to I-12, from U.S. 190 to I-49, from River Road to I-20, Kean Miller has the legal resources to handle almost any issue related to trucking and transportation law in the region.

  • Representation of chemical transport company and its former parent company in connection with a truck roll-over and chemical spill incident and resulting class action litigation. The accident involved a spill of 2000 gallons of molten sulphur resulting in over two-thousand claims by area residents for personal injury, fear and fright, and inconvenience.
  • Representation of the owner of a tube trailer in a wrongful death suit involving issues relating to crashworthiness of design of the trailer for use with an 18-wheeler, federal safety regulations and other laws on the construction and design of tube trailers.
  • Representation of one of the world’s largest forest products companies for over 35 years in all manner of trucking related issues including loading, operations, tanker trucks, discharges, and limits on drivers.
  • Representation of a Tennessee-based fertilizer and farm chemical company with regard to activities in Louisiana, including automobile and trucking accidents. Our representation includes defense of lawsuits involving accidents with passenger pick-up trucks, mid-size delivery trucks, accidents involving tractor trailers, and wrongful death claims.
  • Representation of the trucking subsidiary of an international leader in industrial and medical gases in connection with a multi-car accident on the interstate system.
  • Representation of one of the world's largest makers of wastewater treatment chemicals in defending a breach of trucking contract lawsuit.
  • Representation of chemical transport company with respect to an accident and resulting chemical spill, and in the class action litigation that followed. The incident involved a spill of 2400 gallons of "heavy ends" from ethylene dichloride resulting in more than 4,000 claims by area residents for personal injury and fear of cancer.
  • Representation of several regional and national trucking firms with respect to casualty insurance claims for accidents and other vehicle operation claims.
  • Representation of a chemical transport company in a mass tort case filed by citizens in a small rural community. The case involved the alleged disposal of wash rack tank risings and transport materials at a hazardous waste injection well.
  • Representation of a multi-state cooperative of retail grocers with respect to remediation issues with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality arising from a gasoline spill at their on-site fueling facility.
State and Local Tax
  • Representation of a trucking company and coordination of amicus curae parties in connection with a demand for ad valorem property taxes on component parts of trucks.
  • Representation of trucking companies in connection with sales and use tax audits.
Labor and Employment
  • Preparation of drug and alcohol drug testing policies to conform with the new Department of Transportation and FMCSA regulations for a trucking and distribution company.
  • Counsel and advice to intrastate and interstate common carriers on regulatory compliance matters, including obtaining authority from the Louisiana Public Service Commission to provide transportation services in Louisiana.
  • Representation of a trucking company in a dispute with the state of Louisiana in connection with a licensure dispute.
  • Representation of a statewide timber trucking operation regarding the use of the parish road system relating to load limits and opposition to fines and levies for alleged violations.
Business and Corporate
  • Representation of a shareholder in the sale of the stock of a freight forwarding/broker business.
  • Representation of manufacturing facilities in numerous rail, truck, marine and inter-modal freight transportation agreements.
  • Document and lease preparation for a national trucking firm, and in securing property for a truck depot and other related transactions.
  • Representation of an interstate transportation refueling and supply company in obtaining financing from a major lender. Our representation included the re-negotiation and drafting of leases and land use agreements involved with the project, and negotiation of the loan and security agreements with the lender.