Secondment Services

Kean Miller provides clients with seconded attorneys for temporary in-house needs on a short term and long-term basis. Our secondment services are designed to make attorneys at various experience levels, from a relatively junior attorney to a seasoned former general counsel, available to assist clients.

Seconded attorneys are available remotely, part-time, onsite, and full-time. We have provided seconded attorneys to some of the largest companies in the world. These seconded attorneys have provided substantive legal support to clients arising due to internal transition issues, leave, and project-based staffing needs. We have also provided attorney support to start-up companies in need of legal direction, established companies exploring the need for inside counsel, and those businesses seeking regular, yet part time, counsel. We have developed a seamless conflict identification and resolution process, allowing seconded attorneys to hit the ground running quickly and efficiently.

For more information, please contact Mark Stipe.