Entrepreneurs and Startups

Kean Miller’s Entrepreneurs and Startups Team provides a wholistic approach to building a strong legal foundation for our clients’ businesses. We are counselors for every stage of growth, from formation to expansion and beyond. Our Team educates clients on legal options throughout the new business lifecycle, and our entrepreneurial know-how helps to protect clients from unexpected legal surprises and external threats. Whether growing pains or growth opportunities, we understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs and startups.

Our Entrepreneurs and Startups Team provides a full range of legal services and has in-depth experience in establishing, preserving, and advancing business enterprises. The Team is comprised of like-minded attorneys with practical and relevant experience in business creation and growth.

Our comprehensive legal services for starting and running a new business include:

  • Aiding in selecting the correct type of legal entity selection for your business;
  • Drafting and filing business formation documents and developing governance documents;
  • Protecting your brand through state and federal trademarks, and securing your other valuable intellectual property through patent, copyright, and trade secret advice;
  • Setting up employment management structures, including compensation, severance, and confidentiality agreements;
  • Ensuring your business is compliant on taxes and taking advantage of tax incentives;
  • Advising on the proper business insurance;
  • Preparing real estate deals and other property matters for your brick and mortar operations; and
  • Providing cyber-advice and internet policies for your business online.

Kean Miller understands the various constraints on a new business and offers a variety of flexible pricing options that include fixed fees for specific tasks or projects as well as hourly rates.