Asbestos, Occupational Exposure and Toxic Tort Litigation

Kean Miller LLP represents numerous petrochemical and energy industry clients in the defense of toxic tort, occupational exposure, and occupational illness cases. We have more than 25 years of experience defending claims for short-term and long-term exposure to hazardous substances, industrial accidents involving hazardous or toxic substances, asbestos litigation, and products liability litigation involving the sale of hazardous or toxic substances. Our practice ranges from the defense of small, single plaintiff/single defendant claims to representation in complex, multi-party claims and large class actions involving tens of thousands of claimants.

Kean Miller LLP uses state-of-the art technology for organizing, managing, and litigating complex exposure cases, including the development of computer databases of claimant information. We are actively involved in the defense of toxic tort cases in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana. We have served as lead counsel in joint defense groups and we have been successful in resolving a substantial number of cases through mediation in state and federal courts. We have been successful in the negotiation of complex settlements for many of our industrial clients. Our litigation team frequently tries cases in jury and bench trials in federal and state courts.

We represent business and industrial clients in litigation involving claims for personal injury, including fear of future injury or illness, and projected damages related to:

  • Alleged environmental exposures to substances on site and off site via air, water, groundwater, or soil
  • Asbestos and silica related claims
  • Alleged exposures to hazardous or toxic substances at industrial facilities
  • Transportation accidents
  • Alleged exposures to hazardous or toxic substances manufactured or sold by business and industrial clients
  • Benzene exposure claims
  • Alleged exposures to a variety of materials, including H2S, SO2, NOx, chlorine, ammonia, phosgene, vinyl chloride, hydrocarbon emissions, pesticide manufacturing emissions, EDC, and other chemicals
  • Class actions for exposures, both long-term and short-term, from industrial facilities or waste disposal sites
  • Class actions for alleged injuries in neighborhoods or communities surrounding industrial facilities that have experienced major incidents, such as explosions, fires, or accidental releases
Representative Experience
  • National coordinating counsel for a major international energy company and in the defense of asbestos and silica exposure litigation.
  • Successfully represented a major international energy company in defending claims for cancer and fear of cancer caused by alleged exposure to asbestos and silica products.
  • Lead counsel to premises owners in hundreds of joint defense cases.
  • Representation of major petrochemical companies in jury trials involving wrongful death and survival claims brought by plaintiffs who allegedly developed mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos-containing products at petrochemical and paper mill facilities.
  • Successfully obtained numerous summary judgments exonerating major petrochemical clients in chemical exposure suits brought by contract workers.
  • Representation of global energy, refining and chemical clients in asbestos-related claims and in negotiations with some of Louisiana’s most prominent plaintiffs’ law firms.
  • Negotiation, litigation and settlement of hundreds of cases involving exposure to asbestos and asbestos-related products for some of Louisiana’s most prominent petrochemical companies.