Commercial and Industrial Real Estate

Kean Miller represents local companies, investors, and Fortune 100 companies in acquisitions and divestitures of commercial and industrial real estate in Louisiana. We have been involved in property acquisition for some of the most high-profile industrial, energy, and refining sites in Texas and Louisiana. In addition, we represent large and small business in the region and provide comprehensive real estate advice.

The Kean Miller real estate team assists developers of high-profile retail real estate projects including office buildings, shopping centers, apartment projects, hotels, restaurants and residential lot developments. We negotiate and draft contracts with architects and contractors, property managers and leasing agents, buyers and sellers of real estate, landlords and tenants, and investors. Our real estate experience includes acquisitions and sales, title insurance, tax, real estate finance, zoning, annexation, environmental matters, land use and property rights, expropriation, subdivision and development ordinances, zoning statutes, and public improvement districts.

We frequently provide opinion letters on complex real estate issues to national counsel for some of the world’s largest lenders and project developers. We examine titles and render title opinions and we prepare title binders and policies on numerous types of commercial and industrial transactions. Our lawyers draft contracts, leases and other real estate instruments and aid in the negotiation of contracts for acquisition and disposition of industrial and commercial facilities.

Because of our experience, we have developed expertise with respect to acquisitions, dispositions and real estate examinations.

Title Insurance

While in most states title companies handle the responsibility of examining title and advising companies on real estate matters, that is not necessarily the case in Louisiana. In Louisiana, law firms also act as agents for title insurance companies. Kean Miller issues title insurance through First American Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and Stewart Title Guaranty Company. The premiums for title insurance policies in Louisiana are fixed by statute so that no "national" discounts or other arrangements are allowed.

Industrial Real Estate
  • Represented a global methanol supplier as real estate counsel in a deal to acquire an indirect minority equity interest in a $1.85 billion methanol production facility in Louisiana
  • Project local counsel for a $10 billion Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The facility will process 1.7 billion cubic feet per day. Kean Miller represented the owner in the transaction as Louisiana real estate counsel, Louisiana energy regulatory counsel, and Louisiana and federal environmental counsel
  • Real estate acquisition counsel for a $4 billion ethylene cracking and derivatives complex and an adjacent gas-to liquids complex in Calcasieu Parish. Kean Miller represented the owner as Louisiana real estate counsel, Louisiana and federal environmental counsel, Louisiana tax and environmental incentives counsel, Louisiana energy regulatory counsel, and Louisiana construction law counsel. Kean Miller acted as Louisiana counsel representing the client in connection with financing of the ethylene/derivatives complex.
  • Representation of a global chemical concern in the due diligence on real estate acquired in numerous acquisitions and other joint ventures in Louisiana. We examined title for a co-generation facility on the oldest industrial site in Baton Rouge crossed by mazes of railroads, pipelines and electric lines.
  • Representation of a chemical company in contract drafting and examination of title to acquired plants in Lake Charles, Louisiana which involved a price of $540,000,000
  • Representation of a global chemical refiner in the formation of a polymer company which involved the acquisition, in two stages, of a plastics plant in Baton Rouge
  • Representation of a global chemical company in its $242,500,000 acquisition of all of the stock of a rubber and chemical corporation. We also provided legal services in connection with the resale of the stock. We examined title to the Copolymer petrochemical facilities located in East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge parishes and submitted the title opinion which supported the closing of the purchase.
  • Representation of a global energy company as outside counsel in its $590,000,000 acquisition of a refinery in Chalmette, Louisiana. We reviewed the title binder and negotiated the affirmative insurance coverage and exceptions to the title and curative work with respect to the acquisition, which involved one of the oldest industrial sites in Louisiana.
  • Representation of an energy company as its sole outside counsel in the complete documentation of the formation of a joint venture for a Chalmette refinery and in the course of that work examined title and issued a title policy supporting the transaction
  • Representation of a multi-national chemical company in the examination of title, rendering of title opinions and issuance of title policies for all property in Louisiana
  • Representation of a world-wide chemical company in its acquisition of certain facilities from an aluminum and chemical company in Baton Rouge, and in its acquisition of other facilities from another chemical company. We also acted as Louisiana counsel and reviewed all real estate aspects of the acquisition of certain facilities in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • Representation of a chemical company in the acquisition of property within a refinery for a specialty chemical plant
Commercial and Retail Real Estate
  • Representation of one of the largest shopping center developers in the United States in hundreds of acquisitions, mortgages and sales of shopping center properties located in five states and Puerto Rico
  • Representation of a real estate development company in its acquisition and development of more than four city blocks near downtown Baton Rouge. The company acquires distressed or abandoned properties throughout the United States for renovation to office, warehouse or industrial use.
  • Representation of national department store development company as Louisiana counsel in the acquisition of all of the stock of a Louisiana-based department store as well as related parcels of Louisiana real estate. The acquisition involved a total price of approximately $300,000,000. Our representation included preparation and review of documentation, review of title binders for the eight Louisiana stores and assisting in due diligence efforts.
  • Representation of one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies in hundreds of acquisitions and with its financing activities in 46 states. Most of these acquisitions involved complex real estate issues and transactions.
  • Representation of a worldwide retailer in the purchase of land for a multi-state distribution center
  • Representation of landowners in joint venture with developer of a planned community
  • Representation of developers in commercial developments
  • Louisiana counsel for a global retailer in corporate restructuring and financing transactions involving Louisiana real estate
  • Representation of a national grocery store chain in commercial litigation involving the sale of land, contracts to sell land, and long-term lease obligations
  • Representation of a restaurant chain in connection with their $35,000,000 acquisition of a Louisiana-based seafood restaurant chain. We examined title and issued the title policies on the real estate involved in that transaction.
  • Representation of a national fast-food chain in connection with site acquisitions and permitting issues