Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

Kean Miller’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Litigation team represents medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and healthcare industry clients in tort litigation involving a wide variety of medical products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We litigate individual cases but emphasize the development of litigation strategies for multiple cases over a period of time. We represent clients in numerous jurisdictions throughout Louisiana and Texas in the state and federal court systems. In many cases we act as local counsel, helping our clients negotiate the Louisiana legal system.

Representative Experience
  • Representation of two large pharmaceutical companies in pharmaceutical product liability cases for an engineered protein product.
  • Representation of medical device manufacturers in product liability litigation involving the post-operative awareness of a patient allegedly due to a defective inhalant device; cardiac arrest after central venous line placement by the anesthesiologist; cardiac arrest in the PACU relating to an inoperable pulse oximeter; and cardiac arrest after administration of Protamine by the anesthesiologist after femoral artery bypass surgery.
  • Representation of national drug manufacturer in multi-district litigation wherein the plaintiff’s alleged that the drug is unreasonably dangerous in design and had inadequate warnings under the Louisiana Products Liability Act.
  • Representation of an international pharmaceutical developer in connection with personal injury claims for heart valve and other damages allegedly associated with the prescription medication. We served as Louisiana counsel for all cases pending in the state, as well as for all cases initially filed in Louisiana and transferred to the Multi-District litigation Panel.
  • Representation of the diet drug manufacturer in connection with personal individual and class action personal injury claims for cerebral hemorrhage allegedly associated with over-the-counter medications. We served as Louisiana counsel for all cases pending in the state, as well as for all Louisiana cases transferred to the multi-district litigation panel.
  • Representation of pharmaceutical company in connection with claims of alleged carbon monoxide exposure due to interaction of halogenated anesthetic agents with dessicated carbon dioxide absorbent materials in an anesthesia circuit.
  • Representation of a national drug store chain in phen-fen and PPA (phenylpropanolamine) class action claims that were initially filed in Louisiana and transferred to the Multi-District Litigation Panel.
  • Representation of a medical products company in the defense of a complex medical products liability claim.