NORM Defense

Many of the nation’s leading energy companies turn to Kean Miller LLP for effective representation in a variety of litigation involving legacy oil field exploration and production issues. In doing so, our firm has emerged as a leader in defending property damage and personal injury claims related to Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (“NORM”) exposure from pipe yard and oil field activities. These cases include claims for the remediation of NORM contaminated property and class action and/or mass tort personal injury and/or wrongful death claims by pipe yard and oil field workers.

Representative Experience
  • Representation of major oil companies in a variety of cases involving NORM, as well as Non-Hazardous Oilfield Wastes ("NOW"). The cases include pipe yard and industrial sites as well as oil field sites located inland as well as locations in marsh/wetland environments.
  • Common Counsel to four major oil and gas companies in contamination lawsuits in New Orleans, Louisiana involving the remediation of NORM waste at former pipe yards in Harvey, Louisiana.
  • Extensive history of representing a major international oil company in Louisiana and Mississippi NORM property damage and personal injury litigation cases.
  • Representation of major oil and gas clients as common counsel in class action and mass tort personal injury and wrongful death cases brought by workers and residents near pipe yard and oil field sites for alleged exposure to NORM.
  • Representation of a major international oil company in a case involving environmental claims, pit claims, and NORM claims associated with fear of exposure to contaminated seafood.
  • Representation of a major industrial chemical manufacturer in three cases involving claims for personal injury and property damage arising from alleged contamination of property by a cesium-137 radiation source.
  • Representation of the American Petroleum Institute (“API”), the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (“LMOGA”) and the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (“LOGA”) regarding NORM regulatory issues and in filing amicus briefs related to NORM litigation.