Kean Miller's Antitrust practice ranges from serving as local counsel to national and international clients, to counseling clients in multi-district class action litigation.

Representative Experience
  • Representation as Louisiana counsel to a global software company in class actions asserting various alleged antitrust and state unfair trade practice violations.
  • Representation of a manufacturer as local counsel in a purported class action raising claims for alleged price fixing and market allocation conspiracies in the bulk vitamin market.
  • Local counsel to a national insurance group in an antitrust case brought by the outgoing Attorney General of Louisiana against most of the insurance industry arising out of Hurricane Katrina claims.
  • Local counsel to a major forest products company in high-profile antitrust cases involving allegations of price fixing of plywood.
  • Representation of a global chemical company in alleging antitrust violations against a Chinese company and former employee/chemist. The case was tried in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.
  • Defense of board members of a levee district from antitrust allegations involving the awarding of salvage contracts for New Orleans Marinas after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Representation of a gaming company in alleged antitrust and RICO violations by an individual claiming denial of a competing gaming license. We obtained a summary judgment dismissal in the United States District Court which was upheld by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Representation of a Louisiana horse racing track in an action alleging antitrust/Sherman Act/RICO violations involving attempts to restrict competition in the horse racing industry using a broad range of anticompetitive/fraudulent actions and attempts to influence elections in a conspiracy to limit competition.
  • Representation of a global chemical company in connection with national price fixing litigation.
  • Representation of local and national concrete companies in connection with claims of price fixing and civil and criminal antitrust issues.
  • Representation of a local real estate company in a case which included antitrust allegations against several local real estate companies.
  • Representation of a Louisiana municipality in a claim that a contract with towing company violated Louisiana antitrust laws.
  • Representation of a corporate client, as a witness, in a federal criminal antitrust investigation.
  • Representation of international pharmaceutical manufacturers in antitrust/monopoly litigation filed by the Louisiana Attorney General.