Ethics Consulting and Lawyer Representation

As the law has become increasingly complex in all areas, so has lawyer ethics and professional responsibility. Changes in the legal practice constantly create new ethical challenges and traps for the unwary. Kean Miller provides advice and representation to other attorneys and law firms in a wide range of legal ethics and professional responsibility issues, including conflicts of interest, client confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, client loyalty, and attorney fees.

The Kean Miller ethics law team monitors and evaluates developments in legal ethics arising from the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct and the practice of law to assist us in helping Louisiana lawyers avoid jeopardizing their clients' interests, disciplinary complaints, and legal malpractice claims. We provide informed, objective assessments of the ethical questions posed by lawyers and firms, assess risks, and design strategies for preventing ethical problems and disputes from developing. We value the practical application of ethical precepts and work with our clients to achieve their risk assessment goals. Our consulting services include issuing written legal ethics opinions and representing clients in hearings and before administrative bodies.

As accusations of ethical violations are often weapons of opponents against attorneys, Kean Miller also represents clients on legal ethics issues in various types of litigation, such as lawyer disqualification motions, legal fees disputes, and legal malpractice cases.

We assist our clients with litigation strategy that involves difficult or complex applications of ethics rules, such as attorney-client privilege or conflicts or interest.

We recognize that ethical dilemmas often arise quickly with little time for lawyers to sort them through. We are committed to being available for an immediate consult or representation in litigation to meet our clients' needs.