ADR, Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an efficient, effective, and inexpensive way to resolve disputes outside of the traditional courtroom or jury setting. Kean Miller's ADR, Mediation and Arbitration team has practical litigation and mediation experience, expert training, and continuing education efforts that assist them in helping our client obtain positive results. Those results are obtained through traditional court-ordered mediations and arbitration panels, and in newer forms of ADR. Whether it is a commercial contract, real estate, dispute, or complex environmental matter, Kean Miller provides clients with Harvard-trained independent third parties for a variety of situations.

When our clients are faced with a dispute, we work with them to provide an early case assessment. In addition, we assist in evaluating the many options available to our clients through the ADR process, or whether or not the matter should be resolved in the courts. We concentrate on the legal rights and business interests of the parties, the complex relationships, and the outcome desired by each party. On many occasions, our analysis helps our clients come to grips with the underlying business case for going to court - or for choosing an alternative route.

The Kean Miller Mediation and Arbitration Center is located on the 7th Floor of II City Plaza in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Mediation and Arbitration Center is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, WiFi, teleconference and video conference equipment, food and beverage facilities, and a variety of private conference rooms overlooking the Mississippi River, the state capital, and downtown Baton Rouge.

Our Mediation and Arbitration Team is qualified to conduct alternative dispute resolution proceedings as a means to resolve cases early and at significant cost savings. We have participated in numerous mediations and arbitrations representing clients engaged in tort and commercial litigation, as well as routine auto accidents and family law matters.

Richard Pabst and Trippe Hawthorne recently completed the Mediation Program at the Harvard Law School. Mr. Pabst, as a former Senior Counsel with Texaco, has experience acting as “settlement counsel” and brings an “in-house” perspective to the appropriate resolution of legal disputes. Mr. Hawthorne has extensive experience in the construction industry, and as former General Counsel to the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors.